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Everybody's Favourite Sweets!
Everybody's Favourite Sweets!
This website is just like our shops - crammed full of all your old favourites. From Candy Shrimps to Buttered Brazils to Mega Sours. Whatever you fancy give us a try. We also have a selection of small to large gifts and cater for all tastes so check out our hamper and gift ranges for that special treat. Fast delivery straight to your front door - you won't be let down!!

Sweet of the week
Liquorice Comfits
Licquorice Comfits
 1 Heart Throbs - Haribo
 2 Mini Mallows
 3 Strawberry French Bonbons
 4 Jelly Babies
 5 Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
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Thousands of delighted customers

Thousands of delighted customers

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