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Barker & Dobson

Barker & Dobson
It was two grandsons of the founders, Henry and Percy Jacobson who grew the business into a large company. They were the first to introduce individually wrapped sweets and under their leadership , by 1939 the company was manufacturing around 450 different types of sweets!
To ensure that their sweets met their exacting quality standards Henry and Percy personally sampled sweets every morning until they died in 1961 aged 95 and 90 respectively!
Barker and Dobsons brand leader was Everton Mints which are justly popular today, we also stock their delicious Blackcurrant and Liquorice sweets among others. Barker and Dobson now belong to Trebor Basset.
In 1999 Trebor Bassett created Monkhill Confectionery , a seperate company, to look after traditional brands like Barker & Dobson.