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Callard & Bowser

Callard & Bowser

Best known for their Creamline Toffee, the firm began in 1837 when Daniel Callard and his brother-in-law, J. Bowser opened a confectionery business in Finchley, subsequently moving to larger premises in Euston.

The business flourished and took over other well known manufacturers such as William Nuttall of Doncaster and Smith - Kendon. Callard & Bowser is now part of the Terrys-Suchard group.

Recently Suchard decided to cease production of all Callard and Bowser lines for the UK market. A sad day for The Sugar Boy who loved their toffees. For those disappointed Callard and Bowser toffee fans we can recommend the range by Walker's Nonsuch which is extremely good.

The Sugar Boy is often asked about Callard and Bowser Nougat, another line which has disappeared. we recommend our Almond Nougat from Montelimar which people say is just as delicious.