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10 Broad Street, Deal

10 Broad Street, Deal

TELEPHONE: 01304 363626

Best Selling Sweet - Buttered Brazils

The Sugar Boy in Deal by Alexander Maisel (pupil at the British School of Brussels)

You can almost taste the sweets when you walk in to the Sugar Boy. Choosing the sweets is a great difficulty for they stock over 300 different sweets!!

The room you would walk into when you enter the Sugar Boy is a small rectangular room with quite a low ceiling. It has rows and rows of shelves on every wall and a counter that is in the opposite corner of the door.

The shop is in England in Deal near the Library. The best sweets in the shop are the Russian caramels and the Penny shrimps. At the front of the counter they sell sweets in small paper bags with red and white stripes and a little boy on the front. They sell Wrigley's chewing gum and Tornado peppermints at the front of the counter.

The people that run the shop are very friendly and they have a daughter. They try to help you as much as possible by getting the sweet jars from the top shelves and putting the sweets in the paper bags.

The Sugar Boy is an old fashioned shop with rows of jars, not like any modern sweet shop with rows of plastic buckets full to the brim. They use old fashioned furniture and carpet. The wall paper is with the fleur de lys imprint on it. The shop is a sweet's throw from the beach that is full of pebbles just like the sweets in the jars in the shop.

I love this shop because it is mostly for children and is my paradise.