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23 Harbour Street, Whitstable

23 Harbour Street, Whitstable

TELEPHONE: 01227 282202

Best Selling Sweet - Walkers Liquorice Toffees

This is the branch of The Sugar Boy that Jamie Oliver calls "the best sweet shop in the world" called Sugar Boy." Jamie Oliver's Diary - May 2003
WhitstableHere at Whitstable one of our biggest selling sweets is Aniseed Twist: "Fantastically popular, this shiny red twist has a really strong aniseed flavour with a hint of lemon, it is utterly scrumptious!"

Whitstable really is a lovely place to come and visit - especially in the summer. If you do manage a visit you MUST pop in and see us at The Sugar Boy. We are no. 23 Harbor Street and we really aren't hard to find - right next to the wonderful fish 'n' chips shop!